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About Us


To be the most preferred provider of business strategy and organisational change solutions.

Masipe Africa Consultants helps its clients implement game changing business strategy, organisational structures and systems, and achieve sustainable business growth; through
>Business Strategy Formulation
>Organisational Change and Development
>Performance Management Training
>Corporate Governance Training
>Turnaround Strategy Formulation.

We recognise clients requirement for a sustainable return on investment from implementing their business strategy riding on robust organisational structures and systems. We will work with clients to assess current reality; identify and adopt revised or new strategies, structures and systems towards the desired destination, create buy in and an environment where motivation is high and enthusiasm is channelled and every individual is focused on the goals of the organisation.

Masipe Africa (Private) Limited (Registration Number 2812 / 2015) was incorporated in Zimbabwe in March 2015 to harness industrial experience and knowledge and offer practical professional business strategic planning facilitation and organisational change consulting and support services to business firms, through retained partnerships or on a project basis.


  Professionalism   - Be honest or ethical and upright. We do the right thing at all times.
  Accountability   - We are results oriented and take responsibility for our actions.
  Innovation   - Encourage an environment that breathes creativity, cutting edge technology and breakthrough new ideas from thinking outside the box. 
  Respect   - Consideration for clients, associates and our environment.
  PAIR   - The two of us (Masipe Africa Consultants and Client) are a Team.



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